In service of Humanity and all Creation:

Bridging the transition into the New Golden Aeon with your full divine potential.




Our Mission:

With our wisdom transfer and spiritual holistic integration it is our aim to uplift human consciousness and bridge your transition from the old world into the New Golden Aeon in your full divine potential.

Solar Evolution

In this now of all nows, humanity and all Creation are undergoing the Solar Evolution, a unique inter-dimensional transition between the former world and the New Golden Aeon. The evolutionary process of realignment started in 1987 gently building up, reached it’s point of crossing in 2012 and will see to major shifts in 2019 and up until 2022. This ongoing transformation is opening completely new direct portals of accessibility to Source-Consciousness (Kryst-Consciousness), enabling personal expansion, spiritual growth and Unification for human kind as a collective, as never seen before. It however also entails demanding challenges on all layers of every day life, especially in the upcoming month...

Living Light Legacy Ω

The Order of Universal Right Relationships at the Blueprint level, all Universes, Galaxies and Planetary Systems including Star Nations, Tribes, Councils, etc. and including all Dimensions within and without, above and below, under and over are in agreement and are adjusting to the transformation.

Much of the what once was is now dissolving in accordance with the right relationships of the sovereignty of all beings…

The main fields that SPIRITUAL-SOURCERY is working to help you achieve your highest divine potential and unify Humanity and all Creation:

  1. Enabling access to the ascension platform of the Living Light Legacy 777 Coding of the Trinity System

  2. Alignment with the New Paradigm (Planetary field work, integrating Consciousness and Wisdom of the Golden Aeon, The New Sun-Cycle)

  3. Accessibility to totemic Allies, Star Gates, Celestial & Earth Portals, Planetary alignment.

  4. Integrative Human Empowering (Life-Wisdom, Healings, Energy-Transmissions, Alchemy & radiant Plant Medicine)


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