Ceremonies & Tours

  • Huichol – Wixáritari Medicine sharing

    June 1 & 2, 2019 | Oud Turnhout (BE)

    Dear Sisters & Brothers, Beautiful Humans, We are glad to invite you our next gathering in which a blessing cemerony will be lead by the Huichol or Wixárika Medicine Men and Woman from Mexico. During this event, they will be …

  • Bodhicitta Fundraising Workshop – Divine Feminine

    May 11-12, 2019 | Oud Turnhout | Belgium

    Dear brothers and sisters, We joyfully inform you that we hosted an initiation for participants into the bridge of the Ancestral Union through our ceremonial gathering « Ancestral Union II » . in October, 2019. As such, we felt …

  • Ancestral-Union (Toltec)

    February 21-24, 2019 | Belgium

    For a full weekend we emerged into a pure ancient High-Ceremony with Haske Yilnayah Oso and his Father, Tha Wiyaka Waka, our beloved Sister,Shaman Bulgan Windhorse from Mongolia, accompanied by our Host-Masters Ome Ozelotl CrizAlia, Strong Bear Saorin and Luc Dancing Bear as well as …

  • Paradigm Convergence Temple of Solomon

    November 5-14, 2018 | Jerusalem / Israel

    A group of 54 beautiful Beings to experience a Magical Mission and Tour to the holy land of Israel to partake in a sacred mission in supporting the anchoring and unfolding of the Cosmic Christ energies in the …

  • The Angel and The Sword

    September 22, 2018 | Goirle / The Netherlands

    Beyond words we are so grateful for the happening of this Ceremony. “The Angel and The Sword”. This was the second in a series of three profound events. The first one, “Union of an Angel” took place in …

  • Union of an Angel

    June 9+10, 2018 | Goirle / The Netherlands

    This 2-day initiation ceremony was hosted by Spiritual-Sourcery (Bear Alf Saorin, Luc Dancing Bear and Bulgan Windhorse Shaman from Mongolia) in collaboration with our dear friend and beloved brother, Maori-Grandmaster Mauta Kumara, as well as our beloved friends …

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