We are proud to introduce our beloved friends, partners and allied organisations with their outstanding conscious products, services and breakthrough technologies:



By Bear Alf Saorin: Highly potent CHAGA & MUMIJO Multi-Super-Extracts. Specially programmed and encoded and energised through . The best quality available on the Planet.


By Luc Dancing Bear: BearStone has taken shape from my work as a holist. Crystals carry a great awareness that helps humans to stay in balance. Each crystal is individually chosen for it’s effect to support you as well as possible. In addition, all crystals are tuned and aligned with your energy. Thanks to a direct import, quality is guaranteed! Mail to BearStone.


By Luc Dancing Bear: As a Holist, I search for what prevents people from being in their highest power. Working on different domains at the same time, transforming patterns into an open consciousness, leading to a deep core liberation. With you I go looking for who you really are. Become who you can be, because you’ve always been.


By Ashera Lyra Sananda: Every single Piece of Asherah Soul Clothing has been blessed in sacred Ceremony with the highest Intentions of Purity, Expansion, and Divinity. Through that Blessing have those Pieces been raised into living light Clothing. The Intention with that is that each Garment as worn serves as an extension of the Auric field to assist the embodiment of Love and to feel held and nurtured within each moment.


Technologies and tools to improve your life, to accelerate your emotional, psychical, mental and spiritual growth. Offering different tools to enchant your body, mind and soul, using scalar wave technologies and subtle energy signatures embedded into music. Sacred Coding from the Founding Rays of Creation, high frequency meditations, …


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