The Living Light Legacy Ω

The Order of Universal Right Relationships at the Blueprint level, all Universes, Galaxies and Planetary Systems including Star Nations, Tribes, Councils, etc. and including all Dimensions within and without, above and below, under and over are in agreement and are adjusting to the transformation.

Much of the what once was is now dissolving in accordance with the right relationships of the sovereignty of all beings…

777 Coding of the Trinity

This means that the Akashic Records are being transferred to the living light fields of Omega Ω for the highest integrity of all life in the Universe, the Living Light Signature of all life is being upgraded to include the Universal system of Omega, which has been incorporated into the Universal Light Codices of Creation, so that all life can speak again.

Our Masters are working directly with this Planet in accordance with its sovereign needs of Ascension, who is in agreement to bring as many of the HU HUE HUE HUEMAN as possible with her…..the Universal Human.

So much work and meetings with all Councils of Kosmic and Galactic, Lords and Kings & Queens have come to the table on this very important evolutionary agreement….the Upper Dragon Council, Giant Star Nations, Aquatic Beings, Bird Tribes… so many Nations….

It is understood that much of the binary system is about spinning your wheels in a never ending loop or cycle… with all Nations… of all stars.

Spiritual-Sourcery and all allied Masters and Councils are bringing to Earth a series of Ceremonies. By following them you will be re-aligned into your pure HU HUE HUE HUEMAN nature.

The purpose of these Ceremonies is to stop the primitive human self-destructive energy and to transform it into a higher state of Consciousness.

Next to stopping the self-destructive programs, it unfolds your personal gifts and talents in their full divine potential which will find their way of manifesting themselves into your daily life. By following these gifts as a signpost you will be aligned with your Spiritual Path and your purpose on Earth in this Now of all Nows, fully unfolding the beautiful Being of Light you are.

We invite you to receive the Universal Blueprint Code into the Trinity, System of the Living Light Legacy of Universal Right Relationships.

You become the HU HUE HUE HUEMAN Ω
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