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UNION OF AN ANGEL High Energy Spray


The Union of an Angel spray is a very powerful tool to unify with all aspects of self. It contains the “Union of an Angel Unification Codes” (recorded during the two days healing ceremony in The Netherlands, June 2018), the Ultimate Healing Code – From the Primal Rays of Creation and The Codes of Unification of the lineage of Maori Shaman and Grandmaster Ma Uta Kumara.

Made of the most pristine extracts of all natural essential oils of ROSEMARY, LAVENDIN, BERGAMOT REGGIO, ARVE DEN, BLOOD ORANGE, LEMON, GERANIUM and CARDAMOM and there are no chemical substances are added.

This product is encoded with specific high energies. Our partner Divine.Tools captures the energies with a scalar wave technology, amplifies it with the Krystal Sequence over a few billion times and encodes it into the label of our product with a proprietary technology.

You can use our spray for Aura and Room Cleansing, Preparation for Ceremony and Ritual and as a high energetic Body Deodorant.

The creation of this very special spray which distinguishes itself from any other “Aura-Spray” you may have used so far, was a co-operation between Spiritual-Sourcery, Healing-Lagoon-International, Diving-Tools and other Spiritual Masters.

Contains 100 ml.


Foto taken by Pa Uta at the Stone Circle of Stanton Drew, Somerset/UK


Please get directly in contact by email in case you want to order a bigger amount or retail our product.”

You will be soon able to purchase here more very special items, such as T-shirts, crystals and highly radiant plant super-extracts, which all have not just been programmed with the frequencies of various totemic allies, but also are specially encoded and energised through divine-tools:

This is a breakthrough-technology and state of the art when it comes to wearing and surrounding yourself by objects which carry living healing frequencies and enabling you to enter to higher dimensions of consciousness.

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