• Ancestral-Union (Toltec)

    February 22-24, 2019 | Belgium

    For a full weekend we will emerge in High-Ceremony with Haske Yilnayah Oso and his Father, Tha Wiyaka Wakan, accompanied by a group of international Host-Masters. Haske (Mexico) is a Toltec Shaman of the Condor Nations, Wisdom Keeper, High Priest and …

  • Mayapan – Home of the Eternal Memory

    May 10-18, 2019 | Yucatan, Mexico

    SAVE THE DATE! … This tour, lead by a group of international Masters, with the participation of local Mayan Shamans and Priests, leads us into the Lands of the Mayans, the Yucatan peninsula. The intention is to accelerate …

  • Paradigm Convergence Temple of Solomon

    November 5-14, 2018 | Jerusalem / Israel

    Spiritual-Sourcery, Healing Lagoon International and Christof Melchizedek gathered a group of 54 beautiful Beings to experience a Magical Mission and Tour to the holy land of Israel to partake in a sacred mission in supporting the anchoring and …

  • The Angel and The Sword

    September 22, 2018 | Goirle / The Netherlands

    Beyond words we are so grateful for the happening of this Ceremony. “The Angel and The Sword”. This was the second in a series of three profound events. The first one, “Union of an Angel” took place in …

  • Union of an Angel

    June 9+10, 2018 | Goirle / The Netherlands

    This 2-day initiation ceremony was hosted by Spiritual-Sourcery (Bear Alf Saorin, Luc Dancing Bear and Bulgan Windhorse Shaman from Mongolia) in collaboration with our dear friend and beloved brother, Maori-Grandmaster Mauta Kumara, as well as our beloved friends …

  • UNION OF AN ANGEL High Energy Spray

    The Union of an Angel spray is a very powerful tool to unify with all aspects of self. It contains the "Union of an Angel Unification Codes" (recorded during the two days healing ceremony in The Netherlands, June 2018), the Ultimate Healing Code - From the Primal Rays of Creation and The Codes of Unification of the lineage of Maori Shaman and Grandmaster Ma Uta Kumara.