Ancestral-Union (Toltec)

February 22-24, 2019 | Belgium

For a full weekend we will emerge in High-Ceremony with Haske Yilnayah Oso and his Father, Tha Wiyaka Wakan, accompanied by a group of international Host-Masters.

Haske (Mexico) is a Toltec Shaman of the Condor Nations, Wisdom Keeper, High Priest and First Word of the Toltec assembly of Elders. His Father, Tha Wiyaka Wakan (US), is a native Wisdom Keeper of the North American Eagle Nations, and one of the most renowned Elders in the entire Indian society.

The intention of the Ancestral Union is to bring about a clearer understanding of the light of creation so that we may assist humanity in the remembrance of the world of form beyond the law that govern form.

The participation will be for a very limited amount of participants, and therefor by personal invitation only. If you deeply feel the call to participate, we would however not like to exclude this possibility! Please get in contact so we can arrange a meeting to learn more about your call and your intention.

More information to be published here soon…