Ancestral-Union (Toltec)

February 21-24, 2019 | Belgium



For a full weekend we will emerge into a pure ancient High-Ceremony with Haske Yilnayah Oso and his Father, Tha Wiyaka Waka, accompanied by our Host-Masters CrizAlia, Strong Bear Saorin and Luc Dancing Bear as well as other international space holding Masters, such as Shaman Bulgan Windhorse from Mongolia, a.o.m.

Haske (Mexico) is a Dine’ Nation Medicine-Man of the Condor Nations in the high traditions of the Toltequidad (Toltec), Wisdom Keeper, High Priest and First Word of the assembly of Elders of the First Nations of Latin America. His Father, Tha Wiyaka Wakan (US), Dine’ First Nation, is a very honoured High-Medicine-Man, native American Wisdom Keeper of the North American Eagle Nations, and one of the most renowned Elders in the entire First Nations society of North America.

We are extremely grateful to be able to bring both of them to Europe together, for the first time ever. It is such a blessing to be welcomed to share sacred space with them in this extremely rare occasion. It is not often that the ancestral keepers of the US and Mexico go into High-Ceremony with the participation of non First Nation people. It is then with great honour that we welcome them so that we may receive this bundle of Sacred Wisdom from two of the most renowned Medicine Man and Ancestral Wisdom Keepers in their societies.

In order to host this gathering in the rightful surroundings, we have chosen the beautiful CASTLE CHATEAU CORTILS in the east of Belgium to be the venue for both, accommodation and holding Ceremony.


Short introductional video of Haske:


The Intention of The Ancestral-Union Ceremony:

The intention of the Ancestral Union is to bring about a clearer understanding of the light of creation so that we may assist humanity in the remembrance of the world of form beyond the laws that govern form. Through the Toltec wisdom of sacred creation, and the ceremonial songs of divine healing from the Native American Dané lineage, you will be brought to experience the wholeness of divinity through the sovereignty of your heart womb; unbound, and in infinite potentiality. The goal is to guide you to connect, in full integration and connection, to your higher self and source to reconcile with your own truth. In this truth, we invite you to liberate from all cognitive entrapment and conditioning so that you may act and birth transformation through the womb of a discerning, sovereign open heart that brings about the infinite array of potential manifestation. 

What is the Toltequidad?

Introduces the Toltecayotl wisdom in order to develop the art of well being, the balance of the dark/shadow self and internal love, and insight into heightened perceptions. Through this process, one becomes aware of the mayor cuencueyotls (energetic points) in the human body so that we may develop awareness of the physical, astral, tonal, and natural dimensions. Such understanding will help one gain an understanding of the different stages of wakefulness and the unfolding of the astral field. In this awakening of consciousness and through Teomanía (the movement of energy and quartz), one then becomes connected to Quetzalcóatl (divine consciousness or more commonly referred to as Christ/Buddha consciousness). In compliment, one learns about the movements of Nahualicos in order to develop an awakened and alert consciousness to bring about peace, light, and harmony so that we may evolve into universal beings. Throughout the practice of wisdom, one is also taught to understand the properties and ways of using sacred and divine tools. 



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