Bodhicitta Fundraising Workshop – Divine Feminine

May 11-12, 2019 | Oud Turnhout | Belgium

Dear brothers and sisters,

We joyfully inform you that we hosted an initiation for participants into the bridge of the Ancestral Union through our ceremonial gathering « Ancestral Union II » . in October, 2019. As such, we felt that the energy of the « Empowering of the Feminine » would be best experienced and expressed through its fusion with the energy of the « Ancestral Union II ». However, in our continued effort to assist the expression of the divine feminine, we decided to host the Fundraising Workshop – Divine Feminine. The intention of the fundraiser was to assist International Buddhist nun Ayya Yeshe in her charitable work to empower women and children in the slums of India.

About the Fundraising Workshop – Divine Feminine  

The intention of the workshop was for you to learn how to live in deeper peace, compassion, and connected to what you value. You have also explored different kinds of meditations, mindfulness practice, and the systematic path to increase insight so that you may transform your life through the teachings of the Dharma with Ayya Yeshe. In support of the cause, known Mexican Artist, poet, and author Noris Binet helped you understand how the archetypal forces can help in the process of restoring the sacredness of the conscious feminine. She also led a Satsang (association with truth) as a spiritual guide for self realization using dharma poetry, silence and self inquiry. Additionally, Mongolian Shaman Bulgan Windhorse shared her wisdom and loving drumming medicine blessings to all present. 

About Ayya Yeshe

Ayya Yeshe is a Buddhist nun of 18 years and socially engaged Buddhist activist. She is the director of Bodhicitta Foundation, a socially engaged Buddhist charity empowering poor Indian women and children in the slums of India. Ayya is also a published author, inspiring teacher, and a sacred chants artist with 65,000 hits on youtube.

  • Author of ‘Everyday Enlightenment’ published by Harper Collins
  • Featured in the documentaries ‘Life Beyond the Begging Bowl’ and ‘Through the Eastern Gate’.
  • Sacred Chants artist CD ‘Dakini’ (Buddhist chants to empower the Divine Feminine). Produced with one of Australia’s top world music groups – India Jiva.
  • Founder of the Bodhicitta Foundation NGO
  • Founder of Bodhicitta International Socially Engaged Buddhist Community

Her teachers are Sakya Trizen (the second highest Lama in Tibetan Buddhism) and Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh (the nobel peace prize nominee, peace activist and poet).

About Noris Binet 

Noris Binet, PhD, is a visual artist, author and Spiritual Teacher

  • Offers her Dharma Poetry during Satsang (a gathering in truth) wherein she facilitates Meditative Self-Awareness and Self-Inquiry to support Spiritual Awakening. 
  • She is in the Advaita Non-dual tradition under the Lineage of Ramana Maharshi.
  • She holds an honorary doctorate in counseling and philosophy from the IIHS in Montreal,Canada.
  • Her studies include meditation and Pranayama in India, the art of offerings in Indonesia, and shamanic practices in Mexico.
  • Noris has practiced Dreams Alchemy for over 30 years.

Her root teacher is Gangaji for over 18 years.

About Bulgan Windhorse

Bulgan Windhorse Shaman, a.k.a. Bulgan Hiimori, comes from Mongolia and derives from the Khalh family, a well known and direct line of Shamans. Windhorse is a traditional and gifted wisdom keeper and healer, and she is part of SPIRITUAL-SOURCERY as well as the circle of World-Master-Teachers.

Mongolian shamanism is split in two major lines, the black and white shamanism. Black means clean in this case. Bulgan represents the black line and works with the pure power of Heaven and Earth. She preserves the ancient traditions by communicating with the Spirits of Nature and the Elements. In doing so, she supports her actions traditionally with the Drum and Jew’s harp.

The Bodhicitta Foundation NGO

Ayya Yeshe and her locally trained staff are striving to help women and children overcome discrimination, reclaim their human dignity, and help them realize their potential; Rescuing them from domestic violence, harsh and exploitative work, child marriage, disease and the struggle to just survive.

The foundation works in India and other developing countries to empower mainly women and children with education, job skills, human rights, health and wellbeing. Projects include: women’s job training, girl’s home and education facilities and so forth.


Bodhicitta International Socially Engaged Buddhist Community 

Are a separate but affiliated organization in Australia and India, they offer Mahayana Buddhist teachings, retreats, spiritual activism and work to create meaningful spiritual connections between Buddhist Practitioners and the wider community through chaplaincy, counseling and Sunday Schools. They aim to take Buddhist compassion and teachings into the world. They only teach those who go to them in search of the dharma or those that are already Buddhist.  

Additionally, they support Non Himalayan monastics. The intention is to empower and train women and future Buddhist teachers stay connected to issues of social justice in the world and engage where possible with compassion and practical action to relieve the suffering of the world.



Holistic Life Center

Steenweg Op Turnhout 48
2360 Oud Turnhout 

Event Donations

If you could not attend and want to assist, please make a donation to help fund the event as all proceeds will be offered to Ayya Yeshe’s foundations. Infinitely thankful to all of our event angels.