The Empowering of The Feminine

May 10-12, 2019 | Chateau Cortils | Belgium

Lead and facilitated by our Master CrizAlia and our Guest-Master, Buddhist Nun, sister Ayya Yeshe, co-hosted by our Masters Luc Dancing Bear & Bearheart Saorin, and assisted by a number of international space holding Masters, we emerge into a ceremonial weekend workshop of The Empowering of The Feminine.

The intention is to bring about a clearer understanding of the human experience, as a whole, and across the spectrum of existence; Unbound of socialized gender roles and archetypes.

It is then with great joy that we invite you to journey into self awareness through the practice of higher consciousness that leads to the development of a life beyond the physical identification and out of the race against patriarchy. Our goal is to foster the interaction with others from within a loving connection so that you can begin to live the whole human quality experience and expression.

A workshop structured around the whole human quality experience. This is not about the war between matriarchal and patriarchal rules and ways of living as best choices for a better lifestyle. It’s about the embracing of who we truly are beyond the limitations of societal depictions on gender roles, expectations, and labels. Designed and intended to suite both genders. It is not a workshop for women only, and thus we very whole heartedly invite and encourage men to be part of this amazing gathering. All are welcome to come.

Introduction of our Guest-Host, Buddhist Nun, Ayya Yeshe of the Bodhicitta Foundation of India:


Where do we gather?

We will gather for this ceremonial workshop at the CASTLE CHATEAU CORTILS in the east of Belgium / Europe.

The two closest international airports are Brussels/Belgium and Cologne/Germany (100-125 km). The closest big city and train station is Liège (15 km). From there a taxi takes 15 mins (public transport 1 hour!).

Address: Castle Chateau Cortils, Chemin des Cortils 5, 4670 Blegny, Belgium / Europe


Open arrival on Friday, May 10th between 15.00 h and 16.30 h at the beautiful location of castle Chateau Cortils, in Blégny in the east of Belgium (45 mins. from Brussels). The workshop starts by opening the sacred space at 17.00 h. We intend to end the gathering on Sunday, May 12th at 17.00 h. For those who wish, there is the possibility to stay overnight at the castle till Monday, at no extra charge!


The accommodations are in different wings and buildings of the castle. These include a variety of nicely arranged, medieval charm, mainly twin/double bed rooms and a few multi-bed rooms with shared bathrooms available in each section. The reason why we have chosen to offer this “all inclusive” package is that we understand the importance of providing the participants the space to unite outside of the actual ceremonial workshop. We realise the sacredness of allowing participants the ability to hold space, as much as possible, for each other and the ceremony during the periods of wisdom integration; In between the times of actual ceremonial practice.

What is included

  • 2 days of Workshop, facilitated by an assembly of experienced international Host-Masters.
  • Accommodation in twin or triple bed rooms at the Castle (shared private facilities) from Friday till Sunday with the option to stay until Monday morning at no extra charge.
  • Full board treatment. Organic vegetarian (w. vegan/gluten free options) meals, starting with dinner on Friday ending with lunch on Sunday.


All food is organic and vegetarian with vegan options. Water, Tea and Coffee is included throughout the day. In case you have intolerances (gluten, nuts, … ) kindly let us know at your registration, we will take care for your needs.

What to bring?

  • If you like, please bring your personal sacred objects, such as stones, feathers, symbols, …
  • It is necessary that you do bring your personal (yoga) mat, blanket or fur and cushion, so that you can make yourself comfortable during the ceremony.
  • Please also make sure to bring a good pair of outdoor shoes (or rubber boots) and some rain protection, as we might have a walk in nature and a part of the ceremony outdoors.