Mayapan – Home of the Eternal Memory

May 10-18, 2019 | Yucatan, Mexico


… This tour, lead by a group of international Masters, with the participation of local Mayan Shamans and Priests, leads us into the Lands of the Mayans, the Yucatan peninsula.

The intention is to accelerate the participants remembering of their eternal blueprint and spiritual purpose, through Ceremony at these particular Vortices, the “Home of the Eternal Memory”, by offering a safe container within a sacred space.

We will be holding Ceremonies at the new capital of the Mayans (after Chichen Itza), MAYAPAN as well as the gigantic caves of LOLTUN. You will get to experience many important Mayan sites, of course Chichen Itza, you will be bathing in breathtaking CENOTES in the jungle and you will not miss out to swim in the most stunning Caribbean waters in the north of the peninsula.

Detailed itinerary and investment will be online here around End of November!