Solar Evolution

Entering the New Sun Cycle

In this now of all nows, humanity and all Creation are undergoing the SOLAR EVOLUTION, a unique inter-dimensional transition between the former and the New Sun Cycle.

The evolutionary process of realignment started in 1987 gently building up, reached it’s point of crossing in 2012 and still will see to major shifts by 2022. This ongoing transformation is opening completely new direct portals of accessibility to Source-Consciousness (Kryst-Consciousness), enabling personal expansion, spiritual growth and Unification for human kind as a collective, as never seen before.

It however also entails demanding challenges on all layers of every day life: Be it within social structures, relationships, family and on a personal physical, mental and spiritual level. For the mind in the present state of consciousness, it may be difficult to grasp the occurring happenings and events, not to mention being always able to follow these alterations on an emotional and physical level in the smoothest way.

With our wisdom transfer and holistic spiritual integration of the New-Sun-Frequencies we are seeing ourselves as service vessels and bridge builders in assisting humanity in the process of awakening and transition into the era of the Golden Aeon by unfolding each and everyone’s full divine potential as infinite Beings of Light.

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